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So I get the Laundry Part, what’s the “& More” all about?

At its core, this ministry is to love and provide hope for those living in poverty.  We do this by providing a safe haven in the form of a supportive community that will love and respect all people, while connecting others with resources in our community such as food, job training, bibles and journals, and others who care for them.  

What to expect:  People who participate in Laundry & More can expect:

To see and be seen.

To hear and be heard.

To talk with.

To know and be known.

To help.

To join together, forming a community, friendships, and relationships rooted in the love of God. 

Who is behind this? 

Laundry & More is organized by a former homeless person.  It was birthed out of Servants of Christ Lutheran Church in partnership with the community of Lawrence, many social service agencies, and civic leaders.