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What to Expect



Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us for Laundry & More. We cannot do this without you and you are so appreciated. I want to give you some basic guidelines when you are serving our friends and neighbors.   Here are some tips that we hope will make things easier for you.               

  1. If you have a Neighbor that refuses to listen to you, let us know so that we can help with the situation. Regardless of what is going on around you. Escalated chaos makes it more intense for everyone around. We want everyone to be safe and peaceful.
  2. No one will be served without being registered and having a name tag on. Period. To make this easier, we will be slowing down the registration process and only those in the front at all times will receive their name tags. If someone has put their clothes in the washer without registering or doesn’t have a name tag, they can be given the option to either take clothes out of washer and get back in line, or pay for laundry themselves. Explain that we have many waiting before them and they cannot cut in front of everyone else.  DO NOT REGISTER THEM AT THE WASHERS.  It will not happen and it isn’t your responsibility
  3. Five regular loads. Unless they are adamant about washing whites separately. Then they may have 1 additional small load. The exceptions: Baby clothes.
  4. HEAVY LAUNDRY MUST BE DONE IN LARGEST WASHERS. PLEASE RESERVE THEM SPECIFICALLY FOR THAT. This includes heavy blankets or quilts. If they have blankets to be washed, explain that they will be part of the one large washer load limit. Don’t ask if they want large or small. Base it on what you see. If they have to wait, they have to wait.  They will get their clothes washed. Remind them that they will be next as the next small washer is available and guide them to the donation table for a moment or offer them a cup of coffee or water while they are waiting.  
  5.  HEALTH EMERGENCY  If blankets/clothes are wet or smell of mold, then wash ALL laundry on power wash in largest washers.  ALL ITEMS ARE TO BE WASHED and more than 5 loads can be allowed. Just let a leader know so that we are aware of the situation. This way a leader can follow up to see what is going on.  Have any questions, or concerns, please ask.  That’s what we are there for.
  6. Laundry Soap.  This comes directly from the owner of laundromat.
    • 1st. we are using way too much. And it is causing problems with the washers. These are economical washing machines and do not require full cups.
    • We are also putting soap in the wrong section. We will show you where soap is dispensed and how much before each.
    • People are all but demanding more soap in the washers. That is no longer to be done by us. Tell them that these washers do not require the soap they are asking for and if they clothes are still not clean we will repay for them to be washed. The soap going in correct dispenser will avoid this issue. If they continue to ask for more, then advise them to purchase soap at the counter.  No exceptions. We are tearing up the washers by doing this.
  7. NO COUCH PILLOWS I can’t believe I have to say this. But there it is. We do laundry and bedding. That’s it.
  8. We do have families that are quite large. If you see a massive amount of laundry, just ask how many live in the household.  If there are more than 5 give them an additional washer. 
  9. Have FUN and get to know each other.  And again, thanks for all you do and God Bless.