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What is Laundry & More?

Laundry & More exists to wash the clothes and bedding of those living in poverty in the City of Lawrence, Indiana.  We seek to nurture the well-being of each person through friendship, networking, and the love of God. 

Why clothes and bedding? 

Health and Hygiene – Unwashed clothes and bedding can become a storehouse for parasites, bacteria, and viruses.  People of all ages who lack access to nutritional food and proper health care are at particular risk.  We hear from the public school system about the emotional strain that unwashed clothes places on homeless or low-income children and youth.  The typical teasing that occurs in school is only increased when a child’s clothing emits an unpleasant odor.  Laundry & More Exists to help prevent the physical and emotional strain that poor health and hygiene places on those living in poverty in our community.    

So, I get the “Laundry” part, what’s the “& More” all about?

At its core, this ministry is to love and provide hope for those living in poverty.  We do this by providing a safe haven in the form of a supportive community that will love and respect all people, while connecting others with resources in our community such as food, job training, bibles and journals, and others who care for them.  

What to expect –  Those who come to the laundromat are not clients, but Friends and Neighbors. Lawrence is not just a place on a map, but our neighborhood, and home. We emphasize that to each person that we encounter, because we feel it brings the community closer together. People who participate can expect

To see and be seen.

To hear and be heard.

To talk with.

To know and be known.

To be offered, and asked, if they need help, and then given the needed resources.

To join together, forming a community, friendships, and relationships rooted in the love of God. 

Who is behind this? 

Laundry & More is organized and run by a former homeless person, Abby Vesga.  It was birthed out of Servants of Christ Lutheran Church in partnership with the community of Lawrence, many social service agencies, and civic leaders.