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What is Laundry & More?

Laundry & More exists so that families in the City of Lawrence can wash their clothes and bedding for FREE

Laundry supplies and machine payment are provided.

Connection to community resources such as food, job training, clothes, and reading materials available. 

When and Where

Dates:    Every Tuesday

Time:     Arrive between 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Place:     Post Road Laundry, 4212 N. Post Road, Indianapolis IN  46226

Overheard at the laundromat

“This help is great, but I could really use a job.  Do you know where I can find one?”  Through our partnership with CAFE, a partner agency on the east side, people are being connected with those who host job fairs and link people with jobs.  Connecting people with partner agencies in our community is life transforming for many who come.  At the March 12 wash event, we had 8 people follow-up that they had job interviews due to connections made at Laundry & More.

“You mean I don’t have to pay to do my laundry today?  I got up and gave blood today so that I would have the money to do my laundry.  Thank you.”  These are the people who need more than just clean clothes.

“Are you the pastor, because I could really use prayer.  I have HIV, identify as transgendered, and I am scared.  I haven’t prayed in a while, but I need prayer and God.”  That is where the conversation started.

It is not breaking news that bullying is a problem in schools.  However, did you know that personal hygiene is often where it starts?  When a person does not look clean or smell clean, he or she is often the first to be excluded, picked on, or pushed out of social circles regardless of age. – Shawn Bush, Director of Student Services for Lawrence Public Schools.

A young couple raising a child of a first grader.  As they left, their words stopped me in my tracks.  Thank you.  It has been 4 months since we have had clean clothes.

“Why is it so loud in here?!” That is often the comment I hear from visitors who stop by Laundry & More to see what is going on.  My response is always, “Isn’t it beautiful?  We are building community and washing clothes at the same time.  Neighbors are meeting each other.  Everyone is helping each other, and people are looking forward to doing their laundry not just for the clean clothes, but for the hugs and smiles from the people they will see.”

Overheard at the laundromat – “Thank you for helping me.  I need someone who will read the bible with me.  Can we read it together?”